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Engine Diagnostics

Enfield car mechanics can fault find and diagnose engine faults on most makes of car. Modern cars have several computer chips which manage and control more and more aspects of your cars operation. Overall this makes your vehicle far more reliable as well as the engine more fuel efficient. Unfortunately to perform engine diagnostics you need specialized equipment and this means it is far more difficult for the average person to do DIY car mechanics.

Unless its an obvious engine fault like a broken fan belt, the quickest and most economical way to find out what engine faults have developed in your car is to connect it to a computer. The computer will need to be loaded with specialized automotive fault finding program. Different programs are used for each make and model of car but your car can provide our fault finding system valuable information in a fraction of a the time it used to take a mechanic to work out what's wrong. In the old days if a car did not start it may be because the points or spark plugs where damp or there was a problem with the distributor. 10 min's spent taking out the spark plugs a drop of WD40 and the engine might start, if it didn't you would have to keep checking different things until you got lucky or gave up.

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Engine Diagnostics in Enfield

Enfield car mechanics will always perform an engine diagnostic during a routine service as this is the best way to detect a minor problem before it becomes a major breakdown.
In the long run keeping your engine at its peak condition will cut back on expensive repairs and if your engine continues to run efficiently it will also helps to lower fuel costs.
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