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Hints to help you keep motoring

Anti freeze, we are often asked when should anti freeze be added to the coolant system. The truth is that there should be the appropriate level of anti freeze in your radiator at all times. Anti freeze is not just to stop your engine freezing in winter but acts as a coolant during the warmer summer months and to help prevent corrosion. However be careful as different cars may require different types of antifreeze and some types do not mix. For additional advice on this speak to your antifreeze retailer or Enfield Car Mechanics.

Its obvious that for safety reasons its best to check tyres for correct pressure. Its worth remembering under inflated tyres will wear out much faster and add to your fuel consumption. Over inflated tyres will also wear much faster and as the tyre has less contact with road surface handling will be affected.

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Low oil pressure or other problems will cause a light to appear on your dashboard. If your buying a secondhand car a dodgy dealer may take out a bulb to hide a fault. However these faults may mean a serious problem and cost a packet to put right. Always check that the cars MIL (malfunction indicator lamp) is on when you first turn on the ignition and switches off after a few seconds.

Its very important to follow manufactures guidance on Cam Belt replacement recommendations. With the majority of cars very serious damage will occur to your engine if the Cam Belt fails. Such damage can exceed the value of the car with repair costs that can go into thousands of pounds.

More helpful hints from Enfield car mechanics to be added soon.